Tuesday, 29 January 2013

100 % Recycled

Last November I participate in an interesting proposal among jewellers from the Queensland Contemporary Jewellers group (JMGQ), it started with a workshop in which we made pieces of jewellery exhibited afterwards in the Brisbane Square Library, Australia.
A wonderful exhibition were each artist make with an enormous creativity and excellent quality,  jewellery works fabricated with trashes, jewellery left overs and 100% pure recycled material.
You can see works of all the artists in this link:

En noviembre pasado participé en una interesante propuesta junto con otros joyeros del grupo de joyeros contemporáneos de Queensland, comenzaba con un workshop en el cual realizamos piezas de joyería que se exhibieron posteriormente en Brisbane Square Library, Australia.
Una muestra maravillosa donde cada artista creo con restos de joyas y material puramente reciclado obras de excelente calidad y desplegando una enorme creatividad e ingenio.
Las obras se pueden ver en el siguiente link:

Silver ring with fake pearls and plastic bubbles.
Silver ring with copper, fake pearls and frieze.
Leather necklace with wood , silver, fake pearls, plastic bubbles.

The development of the project involved the following: each one of the jewellers participants received a bag full of  pieces of different type of  jewels, metallic ones, plastic ones or fake jewels, also beads and rests of all kinds; these were donated by people from all parts of Australia and overseas. The designing challenge for us was big, transform or create a new jewell taking only things of our bag. It must be 100% recycled.

En el workshop el desarrollo de este proyecto se trató de lo siguiente: Cada uno de los joyeros participantes recibía una bolsa llena de distintos tipos de joyería, algunas metálicas, otras plásticas, o de fantasia, también mostacillas y restos de todo tipo; estos fueron donados por personas de todas partes tanto de Australia como del resto del mundo.  El desafío de diseño fue enorme, transformar o crear una nueva joya solo con cosas de tu bolsa. Tenia que ser 100% reciclado.

In words of JMGQ:
In 2010 JMGQ members participated when Griffith University hosted the Ethical Metalsmiths to come to Australia and hold a "Radical Jewellery Makeover"(RJM) at QCA. The RJM is an educational, community focused initiative developed to highlight and raise awareness of the source of materials. In the lead up, members of the community were invited to donate unwanted pieces of jewellery. This "urban mining" resulted in over 9 kg of donated jewellery which were sorted and disassembled for re use.  The participating artists selected from the donations to recycle and re-configure into contemporary jewellery pieces. The generosity of the donations meant that there was a lot of ‘raw’ material left over
100% recycled follows on from the RJM experience and embraces similar ideals of environmental responsibility in jewellery-making. Using the left-over and unused articles of donated jewellery from the 2010 RJM, JMGQ members were invited to attend a one-day workshop to choose materials, begin creating the jewellery pieces, share ideas and gather as a community of makers.”
(Queensland Contemporary Jewellers Group,November 2012,http://www.visualartist.info/JMGQ/100-recycled-nbsp)