Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Befriending little creatures

Looking back, I can’t believe how much my life has changed, just a year and a half ago
I moved from another continent, across the ocean, on the other side of the world. Now I live in Brisbane a semitropical city in Australia’s east coast.
One of the biggest differences that I’m experiencing is climate, I come from Santiago de Chile a city located at the foot of Andes mountains so the climate is mostly dry and cool at nights (we barely have insects)
Now I’m loving this weather warm and humid even though some days are stinky hot!
The only thing I haven’t got used to are the millions of living critters that surround us every day inside and outside the houses.
And this reminds me of a story book I had when I was a kid, it was about an old lady that lived alone in a house in the country side. She was scared of everything: flies, mice, spiders, she thought the gusty winds were monsters coming for her. She got to a point where she was too scared to move and stayed there hanging from a lamp while spiders built their webs around her. Till a boy arrived and soothed her explaining her that all her terrors were just nature living with her making her company.
Some days I feel like this old lady.
My studio is located in the first-floor half of it is installed outside in a small shaded area, there I share the space with my plants, mosquitoes early in the morning, a blue tongue lizard and tons of spiders that laboriously build their webs every day. While this vibrant life is happening I try to solder, hammer and use the rolling mill without disturbing any of it.
You see is a very difficult task for me considering I’m completely scared of them.

But still I’m loving it.

Spider clusters hanging from the web

I'm glad to announce that next week is "USE" exhibition opening 

This is one of my pieces for the exhibition.
Title: Reusing broken tools (saw blades) green earrings.

Meanwhile I'd been working in a collection with beautiful gemstones and dainty jewellery