Jewellery Classes 2018

I have a few spots for jewellery classes. If it’s your first time you could start in the Beginners level. The course program is divided in different levels that evolve from basic to advanced which are taught in terms with 8 classes per term.
In the Beginners level students start from scratch. First you learn to prepare material, to calculate the alloy and to melt silver for the first ring. A simple ring can be finished by the second class.

The studio at Paddington.

Paola Raggo, jewellery teacher.

Courses are personalised with a maximum of two students per class. You can first try the beginners level and then move on to more advanced learning levels if you want.

Beginners level is taught in an 8-classes term, once a week, 3 hours per class.
Tuesday from 9:30 to 12:30
Wednesday from 9:30 to 12:30
Thursday from 9:30 to 12:30 (one spot left)

Term rate is $720 for an 8-classes block ($90 per 3-hours lesson)

Materials are included (silver, resins, enamel, acrylics, etc.) and tools supplied.

šŸ“§ Email me  for  more information

Penny and Carol happy showing their creations.

Resin and silver ring made by Macarena.

Bowl earrings, part of the program.

  Becky, Julieta and Angela having fun.

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